Brief History of the Manor

The Mayor’s Manor was built about seven generations back, when Brutus Alspike (frequently referred to affectionately as “the Bluster”) was elected Mayor of the then rapidly expanding town. Brutus was a heavily fertile man, and had begotten of his one wife 17 children, of which 11 lived to adulthood. An outstanding number. He was often heard complaining that his residence was far too noisy, crowded and frankly chaotic to get any work done, and so he began the construction of the Manor, the top floor of which has over 8 bedrooms to accommodate his ample family.

Brutus’s son, Holdon, (third born) ended up succeeding his father’s position quite late in his life.

(There had been two other mayors between the two. The first had died unexpectedly early of influenza, and the second had served for nearly two decades before retiring the position to become a full time cleric—his name was Aldan the Wise, and he began the city’s long-held preference for electing their clerics into positions of power.)

Holdon was annoyed at the utter stupidity of his many cousins and especially of his brothers and sisters. Being very much like his father in temperament (so much so that people like to refer to him as “the Second Wind”) he shortly had the academy built for all able bodies to attend, and immediately enrolled all of his relations under the age of 16.

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Brief History of the Manor

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