The Town

Brynn is located on the west side of a well sized lake, which offers a good fishing market. The soil surrounding Brynn is also very fertile and the surrounding area is ideal for farming. Though the immediate lake edge boasts some trees, the area is not abundantly wooded, and the primary materials for building are clay and stone. Brynn is the largest town in the Midlands, boasting a population of roughly 1600. This population is composed primarily of humans, but there is a modest diversity. Particularly there is a decent sized population of halfings, but there are also elf, dwarf, gnome and even halforc kind within the city limits.

There are two entrances into Brynn. The main entrance in the current day is the western gate. It is a roughly made door, constructed long after the wall was made as a means to allowing easier access into the town. The old gate, located near the southern tip of the city, is intricately carved stone and solidly built, likely to prevent entrance by force. The gate admits less at once, and is (slightly, though tiringly) less easy to come by. It is now primarily out of use, except by quarry workers and the occasional farmer or fisherman.

The main deity of the city is Pelor, and yearly Brynn hosts an early summer festival in his name, as well as a fall harvest festival. People from the surrounding villages attend these affairs. Merchants do well for themselves as even the smaller villages around are not poor. The city has a school and library for their richer young, but it is not a magic school and it focuses primarily in governing principals, aristocratic knowledge, and some agricultural studies.

The population of Brynn is mostly welcoming. They enjoy trade and market, and particularly like a bit of fresh gossip or rumor. They are—as a whole—easily pleased with spectacle and a good story, and so are very welcoming of adventurers who pass through, so long as they are willing to share a tale or take up a friendly game.

Magic is not especially feared in Brynn, though—because magic is not well known in the city—the patrons are justly wary of magic’s less positive uses.



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