Fallon's Sharp Pointy Stick

merchandise: limited weapons from the players handbooks and farming/fishing equipment.

A relatively new building of clay bricks and wood. The front wall is open and the floor is made of packed dirt and is slightly risen from the outside. Fallon sweeps the floor regularly to prevent dirt buildup.

The walls are hung with merchandise: bows, arrows, swords, daggers, knives, rakes, hoes, and the like. The forge is located in the right back corner of the shop (facing in). Though Fallon’s is the smallest of the blacksmith shops, he manages to maintain his store front in the Market Circle. He has no apprentice.

Fallon Sharpbough

Fallon is a quiet, keen eyed elf, who runs the blacksmith shop Fallon’s Sharp Pointy Stick. The brother of Cael Sharpbough, when they inherited their father’s shop and could not agree about the way that things should then be done, Fallon broke off from his brother and started his own enterprise. Tall, with dark hair and green eyes.

Map: M3

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Fallon's Sharp Pointy Stick

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