Great Northern Empire

For over 700 years the Great Northern Empire ruled over the lands of Tercia with both wisdom and mercy. The Empire was ruled by the Dragonborn Family—Caerseth. However, in the last few centuries, the family grew increasingly unpredictable in their rule, and the average citizens suffered. Indolence and Maddness in turn wracked across the royal family line. At the same time, the world was wracked with plagues, droughts, and natural disasters.
The last Emperor of Tercia was Ghezire Caerseth. For a time, he seemed to have finally shaken the bad spirits plaguing his family. As a young man, Ghezire was handsome, charming, fair, and benevolent. He passed many measures that restored quality of life to the average peasants in Tercia, and established and funded the various universities in Dunstan and Weslan.

However, in his later years he became gripped with an intense paranoia. He fervently believed that the dragonborn-kind were the cause of the terrors that had been plaguing the people of Tercia in the recent centuries.
Aided by the far-reaching Sai’Rex—(a shadowy organization which began as the Emperor’s secret police, and grew into a spy network that spanned the whole northern empire, and parts beyond, with only a loose loyalty to the emperor himself.) he launched a campaign of racial intolerance and fear-mongering which succeeded in turning neighbors and friends against the dragonborn. The genocide was swift and nearly complete. Even to this day, if any dragonborn remain in Tercia, they do not venture where they might be seen.

Ghezire’s paranoia of his own kind was so deep, that he had his own wife and children put to death, and died without any heirs. Though his death was officially attributed to natural causes, it is wildly speculated that his madness and paranoia had grown to such a fit that he was executed by his own military, that he believed so fervently in his own impurity that he put himself to death, or that he continued to live long after, dethroned and imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Sai’Rex Tower. Many speculate that his ghost still haunts the palace in Tremain.

For twelve years after the death of Ghezire, the continent was wracked with war as the various lords of the Empire battled for the throne. Eventually the war was brought to an end when Denev the Interceder brought together the many factions and had all sign the Suma Accords, which divided the land into nine nations, each of which would have its own governance.

Great Northern Empire

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