Sharp Forge

Merchandise: all weapons from the players Handbook and farming/fishing tools.

A building of clay bricks and some wood, including wood flooring. The building is entered from the front door, and the forge is located in the back room, which has an open back wall. The front room has tables and stands to showcase their various items. Behind the counter are the more valuable items. Merchandise: p. all weapons from the players Handbook and farming/fishing tools. The shop is kept very neat, and boasts several windows which allow for an airy, clean feel.

One of the oldest running shops in Brynn, as far as anyone living knows, Sharp Forge has always been open for business. A family business past down the Sharpbough line. Everyone in the Midlands knows the Sharpbough sign. Their reputation is such as to lead to the popular phrase in the Midlands “That’s as fine as sharp!” Originally only referring to weaponry, but now commonly used in reference to any product of pristine quality. Every Sharp Forge product is marked with their symbol.

Cael Sharpbough
Cael is a happy elf, quick to laughter and pleased to make new acquaintances. He loves anyone immediately who speaks unprompted in his own tongue. He enjoys a good tale or a quick joke. Tall, with brown hair and green eyes.

Keir Sharpbough
Kier Sharpbough, Cael’s son, apprentices under Cael. He is a quick, happy boy, much like his father in temperament, though he has the same dark hair as his uncle. He is very young still, and is therefore not yet allowed to work the forge; instead he helps around the store, and learn the business side of smithing.

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Sharp Forge

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