The Haven

a Tavern owned by Haven (parentage unknown)

Set back away from the bustle of the market street, Haven is a quiet, darkly lit tavern well known for being a place of secret meetings, dubious dealings, and quiet rendezvous. Chances are, if something is happening in Brynn, Haven (the owner) knows of it. Whether or not she’ll tell you, however, is another question. Haven runs a strict shop. She doesn’t allow rough housing or unorderly conduct. If you get on her bad side, she’ll kick you out and you won’t be welcome again.

In order to keep the order, Haven employs a half-orc, Yaotl. She also does not tolerate any bad talking or racist comments against Yaotl. Whenever Haven is seen about town, Yaotl is always at her side.
Though Haven is the target of a good number of sexual advances, and these have led to many rumors about her, none of them have ever been confirmed.

A well endowed woman of mysterious origin with auburn hair. Owner of the tavern/inn named after herself, Haven.

A quiet Half-orc who works full time at (and with) Haven (respectively).


Wheat Bread – 8 Copper Pieces
Omelet – 4 Silver Piece
Dark Rye Bread – 8 Copper Pieces
Dark Rye Bread – 8 Copper Pieces
Herring – 4 Silver Pieces
Sop in Wine – 3 Silver Pieces
Fowl in Giblet Sauce – 7 Silver Pieces
Roast goose – 7 Silver Pieces
Eels – 5 Silver Pieces
Beef Stew – 4 Silver Pieces
Broth with Bacon – 3 Silver Pieces
Pork – 5 Silver Pieces
Beer – 2 copper pieces
Beer, heavy – 3 copper pieces
Ale, 4 copper pieces
Ale, Spiced – 7 copper pieces
Mead, 1 silver piece
Mead, Spiced brew – 14 copper pieces
Wine, Table – 8 copper pieces
Wine, Keoish Golden – 15 copper pieces
Wine, Sundish lilac – 4 silver pieces
Wine, Urnst white – 5 silver pieces
Wine, Celene ruby -, 8 silver pieces
Wine, Furyondian emerald pale – 1 gold piece
Wine, Velunari fireamber – 3 gold piece
Brandy, local – 5 silver pieces
Brandy, Urnst, aged – 3 gold pieces
Liquer, Ulek Elixer 5 gold pieces
Thudrud, goblin – 2 gold pieces
Dragonbite, bitter – 3 gold pieces
Dwarfhead stout – 6 gold pieces
Pulsch brown ale – 16 silver pieces

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The Haven

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