The Mayor's Manor

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The Manor is a well-constructed building of two stories, supported by polished columns and built of white washed stone. Lately Alaric has ordered that the front entrance and the back entrance (through the gardens) should be kept under guard. There are not many guards in Brynn, and most citizens don’t see why this should be necessary, even allowing the recent troubles they have experienced.

The front entrance way is an open room, featuring two curving staircases which lead to the upper floor (the balcony of which overlooks the main room). It is big enough to support a gathering of a fair number of people, and the sides of the room are lined with benches. There are two doors on each wall to the north and south (the building is west-facing), and a last set of double doors on the east wall which leads out into the gardens. The doors on either side of the hall have frequently in the past been left open in the summer to allow a steady breeze to pass through, cooling the manor.

On the right side of the room, the two doors (from front to back) lead to the kitchen and a more comfortable sitting room/parlor. On the left side of the room the back most door leads directly into the Mayor’s office, and the closer door leads to Office of city affairs. Between these two rooms is located the records room, but there is no door leading from the hall directly to the records room. Both of the doors on the left are kept locked when unmanned.

Brief History of the Manor

The Mayor's Manor

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