After over a decade of war following the collapse of the Great Northern Empire, Denev the Interceder brought peace to the land with the signing of the Suma Accords, the treaty which established the political landscape of the region as it exists to this day. Central to that agreement was the creation of an organization which would be subject to no nation, responsible for interpreting and maintaining the accords, and created and controlled by himself.

Few outside the order now remember that the original members were all former members of the Sai’Rex, a group to which Denev himself belonged, and had expended a great deal of resources to see the accords signed, but every peasant child knows that the Advocates are wise and powerful wizards who give counsel to kings and priests alike, live in the Scarred Citadel, and are sworn not to kill.

The Advocates are governed by a parliament of all their members overseen by the Archmage. It is rare that the entire order is assembled however, and most decisions are handled by a relatively small number of proxies representing the various political factions within the order. This structure gives most advocates the freedom to pursue their own agenda with little or no interference.

In addition to their most famous vow, advocates also swear to uphold the Suma Accords, and not to use divination against other advocates. It is unknown if or how this oath is enforced, but it is known that no advocate has ever broken it.

Though advocates are not always trusted, they command respect. Almost everyone likes to be on an advocates good side, and it is common for groups and individuals to offer gifts of tribute to advocates that visit their community. Such gifts are always accepted on behalf of the entire order.


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