Head Cleric's Home

A comfortable home, prominently showing many Pelloran symbols of worship. It is a well-made home of two full stories. The furniture is comfortable and the table is well laid. The common room is large, open and airy. The house features a courtyard which cannot be viewed from the outside and a fruitful garden of flowers and produce which is tended by the women of the house.

Brunin and his wife, Vedis, live in the home with their two daughters—who are kept in seclusion.

NPC: Vedis
Vedis is a human woman of renown beauty, despite being well into her thirties. She is the head cleric of the Temple and preaches in the name of Pelor to all she meets. She is also a healer.She is tall and thin with waist length brown hair and bright knowing eyes.

NPC: Brunin
Brunin is also a great cleric of Pelor. While his wife tends the Temple, he travels far and away gathering scrolls and artifacts of Pelor and spreading his worship to other lands. He is a large, loud, cheerful fellow with ruddy cheeks and a thick black beard. He is strong and fond of wrestling and healthy competition. Cleric/fighter.

NPCs: Eydis and Gyra
Little is known of Brunin’s two daughters, who have been kept in heavy seclusion for the better part of their lives. They are only 16 and 15, but already are highly sought after—given the beauty of their mother and no unhandsomness of their father. They are rumored to be even more beautiful than their mother.

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Head Cleric's Home

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