The Library

An old building of predominately clay bricks, and few to no windows. The area is heavily cluttered with tables and shelves of scrolls and tombs. There is little to no magic information in the stacks—instead there are many texts on the history of the region, aristocratic matters, laws, etiquette, agricultural knowledge and such. Most of the Pelorian scrolls are kept in the temple—and a more extensive collection of laws and procedures is kept in the Major’s Manor.

Anyone is welcome into the library which is most frequented by students of the school and the occasional famer’s son. Most of these scrolls are written in common or translated into common. The library is kept by a head librarian and his assistant.

NPC: Ainslie the (not so) Knowledgeable
Ainslie is the head librarian of Brynn. He knows a great deal of what is kept in the library and spends his life in study and in the gathering of information to stock it with. Most, if not all, of the translated texts were done by Ainslie. Now, very late in his years, he is a little forgetful and frequently points visitors in the wrong direction—thereby earning the new moniker, ‘not so’ in his title.

NPC: Gianni Elda’s son
Gianni is the assistant of Ainslie. He’s a very young gnome boy who looks up to Ainslie and admires his knowledge. He’s quiet spoken and easily befuddled and gets lost in the stacks. But he’s eager and determined to improve his mind and to be of assistance.

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The Library

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