The Temple of Pelor

A round building made of white and gold clay bricks and supported by collumns ringing the strcture at close, even intervals. Two men can comfortably walk between the collums and the buildings walls. There are three windows, one facing southeast, one southwest and one north, they are high set and too small to climb through. At the front of the building is an arch-doorway. When you first enter the temple, you are in a room shaped like a triangle, where you enter at one of the points. At either of the other two points stand statues of men, likely clerics.

In the center of each wall is a point of prominence: the east wall features the symbol of Pelor, the north wall features an alter where you may light incense or candles for prayer and donate money, The west wall holds a fountain of blessed water which is said to have healing powers—visitors are supposed to drink from their hands and then wash their face.

A standard temple visit has a patron start on the east wall and walk north and then west, this mimicking the course of the sun, stopping at each station—at the first you salute Pelor and give thanks, at the second you ask for help or forgiveness, and at the last you wash yourself clean of your troubles.

In the center of the room is a circle which is set two stairs down from the rest of the floor. It mimics a glass opening in the roof which lets in Pelor’s sunrays. In the circle is a small garden of fresh flowers and scented herbs.

At night the temple is lit by six torches, two on each wall, located between the center station and the corners. The temple is crowded with still air and is heavily scented with hers, flames and incense. It is primarily well lit, but the sunlight has a very misty look.

Vedis is the primary tender of the temple, though she has two cleric apprentices to help her.

NPC: Brendin Willowbark
A half-elf young male, Brenden is a quiet, serious boy who cares little for people. His primary tasks at the temple include tending the large gardens outside the grounds and preparing ceremonial rites and rituals. Dark, lean and un-expressive.

NPC: Cynthia Pelor’s Daughter
Cynthia is a young human girl of barely 17 who comes from a family within Brynn—though she has chosen to give up her family and social connections and dedicate her life to Pelor. She is a happy, cheerful girl. She has a bright happy face, small soft hands and a short stature.

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The Temple of Pelor

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